What countries does Yendo work in?

Yendo will work for businesses located in any country. Many of the features relating to sales tax (VAT) are specific to European business however.

Is my data secure?

All access to the Yendo software is secured by a 128bit encrypted digital certificate. Sensitive information such as bank account numbers and passwords is encrypted further before storage.

What happens if I want to stop using Yendo?

You can stop using Yendo at any time just email us or click on the Unsubscribe button within the Settings section.

How do I send data to my accountant?

You don't needs to 'Send' data to your accountant as you have done in the past. The simplest way to give your accountant access to the data is to create a new user account for him/her and then forward on the details.

Do I need to back up my data?

No. All of your company data is backed up every night automatically.

Do I need to run a year end routine?

Unlike traditional boxed software there is no need with Yendo to run a year-end routine. All balances are carried over each month regardless of when the year end occurs. You should however update the year end setting on the Your Company screen within the settings section as this will influence the calculation of current year profits.

Does Yendo manage stock levels?

At present Yendo does not manage stock levels. This is something we continue to look at and we may choose to add it in future.

Are there any up-front costs to using Yendo?

There are no up front costs to using Yendo. The only amount you will ever pay is the monthly subscription fee.

Can Yendo manage my VAT?

Yes, if your company is based in the UK or Ireland Yendo will manage your VAT and assist you in making a VAT return.

What are the minimum requirements for using Yendo?

Yendo required a broadband Internet connection and a web browser. We prefer Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 but Yendo will work with all modern browsers.

Is Yendo MAC compatible?

Yes, Yendo is fully MAC compatible. All you need is a web browser and a good Internet connection.