Managing Locked Periods

Most businesses will complete a set of management accounts each month which are then circulated to the board and/or shareholders. It's important that once these accounts are distributed that they are not accidentially modified.

To help with this Yendo allows you to lock transactions that are older than a particular date or are a number of days old. If you are searching for invoices or bank transactions and you see a small padlock icon next to the transaction this is because it falls inside of a locked period.

This behaviour can be modified by changing values within your company settings. To do this go into the Settings sections and then select 'Your Company'. At the bottom of this screen you will see two fields, 'Lock Date' and 'Lock older than'.

Lock dates

The 'Lock Date' is the date before which all transactions will be locked. This is based on either the invoice date or the payment date of the transaction.

The 'Lock older than' field is sometimes referred to as the 'Rolling Lock' in that it will automatically lock anything older than a set number of days. If you produce monthly management accounts then this should ideally be set to 30 days to prevent accidental editing.

These fields can be edited on this screen and the new lock values will be applied immediately.