Setting the Date Format Used By Yendo

Yendo uses your web browser settings to determine both the date and currency formatting that is displayed when you use the software.

If you find that the formatting is incorrect (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy when you want dd/mm/yyyy) the solution is to check your web browser. Below is a description of how to do this using some of the most common browsers.


In the top right of the screen you willl see a 'Spanner' icon. Click on this to bring up a menu and select 'Options'. In the screen that appears then select 'Under the Bonnet' and on the this screen select 'Language and Spellchecker settings'.

Changing Date formats in chrome

A new Languages screen will now appear and in this you need to add your own local language. To do this press the Add button and select your from the list. When this is done ensure that your language is at the top of the list by dragging it above the others.

Date formats

When you are done just close these screens, the settings save automatically.


In Firefox select Options from the top menu bax (the orange button in the top left of the window). in the screen that opens go to the 'Content' section.

Date formats in Firefox

On this screen select the button to choose a new language. this will then display a small screen to add a new language to your web browser. When you have picked your language then press the 'Add' button and if necessary move it to the top of the list.