Common Questions

How do I record a contact?

Contacts (both customers and suppliers) are recorded in the Contacts section. In this section press the Add new Contact link. On this screen firstly select the contact type which can be either a customer or supplier. After this please enter the contact information for the contact. This information will be shown on all invoices and the email address provided will bee the default address when sending emails to this contact.

How do I find out the balance outstanding on a customers account?

Within the Contacts section firstly locate the relevant contacts record. This can be done by selecting the appropriate alphabetical link at the top of the screen. When the contact has been located click on the contact name to open the 'View Contact' screen. This screen will display a summary of sales/purchases for this customer together with the current balance outstanding.

How do I import contacts from Basecamp?

To import contacts from Basecamp, firstly you need to enable data integration within the settings section. On the settings homepage, click the Basecamp link on the bottom left of the screen. On this screen you should enter your username, password and URL for Basecamp. The enabled drop down will turn this integration element on and off.

With integration enabled, go back to the Contacts section. At the bottom of the contacts List you will see a new button 'Import contacts From Basecamp'. Click on this button to bring up a list of contacts from Basecamp. You will now need to click on the 'Click here to reload data from Basecamp' link to refresh the list. After they have been imported you can move them into Yendo by selecting the Save link. The subsequent screen will give you an opportunity to edit the contact before saving.