How to Copy an Invoice

Yendo accounts can create a duplicate of an existing invoice for you to save you the time of keying it in again.

This duplicate will be the same in every way to the original invoice.

To copy an invoice firstly go to the invoice or purchase list screen and then select the invoice that you want to copy by clicking on the reference number (leftmost column) as shown below:

Copy an Invoice

Clicking on this will bring you to the View Invoice screen and if you scroll down this screen you will see on the left side a panel titled 'Copy Invoice'. Click on the link to expand this panel. This will display the options for copying the invoice.

Copy a sales or purchase Invoice

You can edit the description given to the invoice and you can also edit the invoice date. When you are happy with these two values press 'Create Copy' and the new invoice will be created. It is then opened for you to edit further as you see fit.