Updating an Invoice

Invoices can only be update if the invoice date is outside of a locked period. Locked periods are set by two factors;

Rolling Lock. the rolling lock is defined in the settings section and allows you to 'lock' any invoice older than a set number of days. This is defaulted to 30 days. i.e. as invoices are created they are automatically locked after 30 days.

Lock Date. the lock date is s set date before which all invoices will be locked for editing. This date is set in the settings section and is defaulted to 31st December of the previous year. This date is typically set to the previous year end date.

To find an invoice for editing, you can either click on a recent invoice form the 'Sales' homepage (shown below).

Recent Invoices on Sales Homepage

For other invoices, select the 'Invoice List' link on the sales navigation bar. This will default to displaying a list of your invoices sorted by date.

Invoice list

To refine this list please select a search option from the 'additional options' button (a down arrow). this will allow you to filter the listing by contact and date range.

Search Invoices