Settings. Common Questions

Can I add additional users on my account?

Yes, you can add as many users as you like to your account. To add a new user, go to the Settings section and select the Users link. Then, on the user list screen, click on a users name to edit or click on the plus icon to add a new user. The user details can be entered as normal.

Can I design my own invoice template?

Yes, within certain constraints, you can design your own invoice template. To do so please go to the Settings section and select the Invoice Template link. On the invoice template screen the first option is to add a logo to your invoices. This is displayed in the top left of all invoices and must be either a 'gif' or 'jpg' image ideally no bigger than 250 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.

You can then choose a font to be used throughout the invoice and then specify payment instructions together with any footer text - typically used for legal information for your company such as registered office and directors..

How do I create a set of management reports?

Management reports are created in two stages. The first involves creating template text to go into the report. This text forms the introduction to the management report together with any notes on the accounts.

To create report text, go to the Settings section and select Report Templates. This will show the report text list screen. To add new report text, click on the plus icon. On the subsequent screen select a reporting standard. This allows you to group different text based on the type of report you want to generate. Next, specify the reporting group which is the actual report the text is for.

You may then enter a title and body text for the new Reporting Text.

This screen further asks you to select whether this text is a note or not. If it is a note it will be positioned after the management accounts in a notes section. If it is not a note it will be placed at the start of the accounts in its own section.

Please then select a status of 'Approved/Active' to enable this text.

With the relevant report text sections created you may then create a report itself - this is done in the Reports section.

How do amend my list of accounts?

To amend your list of accounts please go to the Settings section and select Chart of Accounts. This will then display a list of all accounts used by you. Where possible the Chart of Accounts should only be update by a knowledgeable accounting professional and it will impact all aspects of your accounts.

Some accounts such as Accounts Payable are used by the system and cannot be edited. These are shown in the list with a lock icon. All other accounts can be edited by selecting the edit icon on the right hand side of the list.

This will display the editing panel. Each account must be assigned to a type and must be given a valid code and description. Editing the description on an account will influence all entries on that account including historical ones.

How do I add a new tax code?

To add a new tax code please go to the Settings section and select Tax Codes. This will then display a list of the currently active tax codes. The standard tax codes for your jurisdiction are included by the system and are shown with a lock icon. These cannot be edited. Should specific tax codes apply to your industry or activity these may be added by pressing the plus icon.

On the Add Tax Code screen please specify a name, a rate and select a status of 'Approved/Active'

Can I create a product list of items I frequently sell?

Yes, products within Yendo are called 'Price List Items'. To create new items please go to the Settings section and select Price List off the homepage menu. This will display a list of existing price list items. To add a new item please select the plus icon.

On the Add Price List Item screen firstly give the new item a name. An item code or reference can then be optionally selected. Please then provide a unit price for the item net of any taxes. A default tax rate can then be selected. Finally select a status of 'Approved/Active' to enable the item.