Tasks. Common Questions

How do I record a new fixed asset?

The transaction to purchase a fixed asset is recorded separately from recording of that asset in the asset register for the purposes of calculating depreciation.

To record the original purchase, please create a new Purchase Invoice in the Purchases section. Once this has been completed you will then need to create the asset itself in the Tasks section.

How do I make journal entries?

Journal entries are make in the Task section of Yendo Accounts. On the Journals screen click the plus icon to go to the Add Journal Entry screen. You can then optionally select a contact that the journal entry relates to. This is for reference only and does not affect that customers account in any way.

A narrative and reference must be entered so that this journal entry can be found afterwards. Following this, a journal date must be selected. This is the date  on which the various journal entries will be provided.

An individual line item must them be created for each journal entry. Take care to select a journal type credit/debit for each. The totals of credit and debit entries must be the same.

How do I depreciate my fixed assets?

Assets can be depreciated within the Tasks section. From them main screen select 'Depreciate your Fixed assets'. This will take you to the depreciation screen. On this screen you are asked to provide a depreciation date - this is the date depreciation will be calculated up until (from the most recent of the purchase date or the last depreciation date). The system will now display the depreciation that it has calculated. Press the 'Apply depreciation' button to apply the new values.

How do I record bank transactions?

Bank transactions are managed in the tasks section of Yendo Accounts. When a bank transaction related directly to a Sales or Purchase Invoice then it should be recorded within the sales or purchase section under that invoice. Other bank transactions are recorded in the tasks section.

To record a transaction, select the relevant account from the bank account list (shown on the right hand side). On the transaction list screen select the plus icon to add a new transaction. You must first select a payment type (money in or out). You can the optionally select a Contact (this is for reference only).  You must then select the account that the transaction should be applied to.  A reference number can then be added if appropriate.

The net amount should then be added. If appropriate a tax code can be applied which will then calculate a new transaction amount. Finally any notes are added and a payment date is provided. This payment date should match the transaction date on your bank statement.