Sales & Purchases

The sales section within Yendo Accounts is concerned with sales and purchase invoices from your company. Whenever you make a sale or charge a customer for your work then you should create a new sales invoice in this section.

When entering new invoices it is important that you carefully check your figures before saving as these invoices will directly influence your accounts.

Before creating invoices

Before you create invoices in this section there are a number of things that you need to enter or configure before hand:

Tax Codes. Ensure that your company is using a correct set of tax codes. Yendo accounts will by default create a set of tax codes for you based on your country. You should check that this list is complete and includes any codes specific to your industry or activity.

Product price list. If you sell 'products' or items that are frequently repeated then you can create each one as a 'price list item'. This will ensure consistency whenever one is sold and will also save you time when creating invoices.

Contacts. Before creating invoices Yendo needs to have a recored of each client/customer. This record allows the software to group all invoices for this client/customer together and will save you time when creating invoices.

Invoice Template. To send invoices by email you need to define a design template. The system creates a default template for you but you have the option of customising it with your logo etc.